Journal articles

A selection of papers on residential care, professional education etc:

‘Ah, but I was so much older then …’ Relational Child and Youth Care Practice, 27 (2). (2014)

Beyond the instructional mode: creating a holding environment for learning about the use of self  Journal of Social Work Practice  22 (1) 67-83 (2008). Download here: Beyond the Instructional Mode …

Real-time communication in residential child care  Relational Child and Youth Care Practice 20 (4) 5-11 (2007). Download here: Real Time communication in residential care

Total immersion: using group care placements to maximise practice learning  Social Work Education 24 (4) 423-438  (2005)

Towards a theory of the everyday: the ordinary and the special in daily living in residential care  Child and Youth Care Forum 33 (3) 209-225 (2004). Download here: Models of ordinary and special daily living

Opportunity led work: maximising the possibilities for therapeutic communication in everyday interactions  Therapeutic Communities  23 (2) 111-124 (2002). Download here:   Opportunity Led Work TCs Paper

The ‘Matching Principle’: Designing for process in professional education  Social Work Education  18 (2) 161 – 170  (1999)

Patterns of psychological presence and absence in training for residential child care Social Work Education  17 (3) 375 – 387  (1998)

Learning to meet and meeting to learn. The use of staff-student meetings on a training programme Therapeutic Communities 17 (4) 265-78  (1996)

“Never mind the theory, feel the guidelines”.  Theory, practice and official guidance in residential child care: the case of the therapeutic communities  Therapeutic Communities 17 (1) 19 – 29 (1996)

To download a fuller version of this list, including Abstracts of the papers, click here: List of Papers with Abstracts


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