Papers on Staff Development and Training

Special selection of papers on staff development and training,
  in a collection put together for the CYC-Net Auction September 2014

This auction is now closed, but one-off copies of some of these papers may be available.
For any further enquiries please use the contact page.

Beyond the instructional mode: creating a holding environment for learning about the use of self  Journal of Social Work Practice  22 (1) 67-83 (2008)

Total immersion: using group care placements to maximise practice learning  Social Work Education 24 (4) 423 – 438  (2005)

Patterns of psychological presence and absence in training for residential child care Social Work Education  17 (3) 375 – 387  (1998)

The ‘Matching Principle’: Designing for Process in Professional Education Social Work Education 18 (2) 161 – 170 (1999)

The Learning Relationship: Learning and Development for Relationship-Based Practice in: Relationship-based social work : getting to the heart of practice, edited by Gillian Ruch, Adrian Ward and Danielle Turney London, Jessica Kingsley pp.183 – 198  (2010)

Building a Team in: Social Care Management in Practice, edited by Janet Seden and Jill Reynolds. Buckingham, Open University Press pp.33 – 55 (2003)


also includes:

Special Issue of Therapeutic Communities journal on Training for Therapeutic  Practice

(signed copy)

 Vol.17 no. 4 Winter 1996: 96 pages


Facilitating the movement of psychiatric in-patient staff to a new role in a community residential service     Lorel Curry

The therapeutic educational community as an agent of change: Towards a Lewinian model of peer learning     Paul Barber

Learning from experience about therapeutic work. Teaching devices to develop personal reflection and shared learning     Chris Beedell

Meeting to learn and learning to meet: The use of staff-student meetings on a training programme     Adrian Ward

Will I get it right? Using median groups in acamdemic settings as a preparation for professional practice     Teresa Howard

On the experience of keeping a reflective journal while training     Deborah Best

Using the situation: Management perspectives and their potential in staff development and training     John Diamond



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