Books in print


Group Care

Working in Group Care. Social work in residential and day care settings (2nd edition). Bristol, Policy Press. 2006


Relationship-based social work : getting to the heart of practice. London, Jessica Kingsley (jointly edited with Gillian Ruch and Danielle Turney). 2010


Therapeutic Communities for Children and Young People. London, Jessica Kingsley. (Jointly edited with Alan Worthington, Jane Pooley and Kajetan Kasinski) 2003.


Intuition is not enough.  Matching Learning with Practice in Therapeutic Child Care  London, Routledge. (jointly edited with Linnet McMahon) 1998.


What Works in Residential Child Care: A review of research evidence and the practical considerations. London: National Children’s Bureau (jointly with Roger Clough and Roger Bullock)  2006


Helping Families in Family Centres. Towards Therapeutic Practice. London, Jessica Kingsley.  (Jointly edited with Linnet McMahon) 2001.





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